Fitness & Leisure Centre Gladstone


Fitness & Leisure Centre in Tannum Sands

We offer a wide range of unique gym equipment for people of all ages. Enjoy getting in shape with suspension training, free weights, cardio machines, rope workouts, fitness classes and various other training options. We will design a custom plan for you to meet your needs and fitness goals.

Indoor rock climbing offers a whole-body workout that challenges the mind and body. We have ten stations that each accommodate 3-to-5 colour coded routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Beginners are catered for, and free instruction is given to those needing help.          

We offer various activities which can be regarded as leisure activities, but some can also be used as a moderate to intense group fitness class. Rock Climbing, Squash, SmartWall and ZORB Football can be fun, but can become quite intense, depending on the effort of the participants.

Our sauna is a Physiotherm Far Infrared Sauna. Far infrared saunas do not have to put out so much heat, as the heat is absorbed by the body as opposed to hot-rock saunas where the heat remains on the outside of the body, affecting the skin, eyes, breathing etc.

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Who we are

Welcome to Tannum Fitness Centre!

Tannum Fitness Centre offers a comprehensive range of fitness and leisure activities to suit everyone. A fully equipped Gym, Indoor Climbing, Squash Court, SmartWall, Mini Golf, Bubble Footy and Infrared Sauna make Tannum Fitness Centre one of the most distinctive Fitness & Leisure Centres in the region – “Where Fitness & Leisure Work Together”.

Located in Tannum Sands, we service our valued customers in the wide Gladstone region as well as visitors to our lovely area.

The Rock Climbing, Mini Golf, Bubble Footy and SmartWall are ideal for group, team, family, school or club activities and social functions, and are also a great venue for children’s parties. The covered entertainment area and barbeque can be used in conjunction with group bookings. The squash court can also be utilized for rebound volleyball, trac-ball, grip-ball, mini-tennis. We have all the equipment available, free of use for groups or with court hire, and just need a short time to set up.

The unique combination of facilities means there is something here for everyone – male or female, young to not-so-young, individual or groups. You can be active, have fun, relax, socialize, change your lifestyle – all under the one roof, and in a friendly, open and cost efficient manner. Come in and experience the friendly, carefree environment, and be surprised at what we have to offer!!