Frequently Asked Questions

At Tannum Fitness Centre, our fitness and leisure activities are designed for everybody to enjoy! No matter your age or fitness level, you will definitely be breaking a sweat while having some serious fun.

The Fitness Center is a health, recreational, and social facility geared towards exercise, sports, and other physical activities.  All in all, we could say that we are more than just a gym.  We provide much the same machines and equipment for training and workout, but offer a wider variety of other amenities, accommodating both the serious athlete and the casual recreational user.

This is only a quick summary of what you can experience here at Tannum Fitness! If you’re curious about our services, here are answers to FAQs that may be helpful to you right now:

Fitness Activities

We have the Top Roping system at our Centre. Top roping means that you’ll be climbing up a wall which is too high to fall off safely without a rope. The rope is connected into the harness you wear, directed through an anchor above you and redirected back down to a belayer and belay system.  Petzl GriGris are used in the belay system.  All of the equipment, when used correctly, is many times stronger than it needs to be.  Top roping is usually considered less physically demanding than other types of climbing due to the belayer’s ability to prevent the climber from taking large falls.  As such, it’s probably the most popular type of indoor roped-climbing.  Free inductions are given to all belayers as required.

At Tannum Fitness, we have 10 climbing stations with 3-5 different levels or degrees of difficulty of climb on each station.  Otherwise, you can just make it as easy or as difficult as you like by using all or fewer of the holds on each climb. 

At present we do not offer structured climbing classes, but always offer free climbing tips to help participants enjoy the experience as much as possible. 

Free basic programs are given if required, with a minimum 1 month membership.  Free instruction on any machine use is also available if required. 

We have not yet resumed our group fitness classes.  When renovations and adjustments are completed, and Covid restrictions are greatly eased, it is likely that Virtual Spin and Boxing, as well as Group Circuit Classes will be available.

The minimum squash court rental is 30 minutes. 

Bring a drink and towel to put on equipment you use or to wipe your sweat, and any other accessories you might use (gym gloves etc.).

We have squash rackets and balls for hire, and limited sizes in adult climbing shoes available for hire.  Free use of climbing harnesses and mini golf putters and balls are provided. 

Leisure Activities

Any of our facilities are available for small or larger group use.  Any discounts given depend on the size of the group, the activity or combination of activities, and the total time required for the function.

Mini golf and short mat bowls are easy to play, but we always offer free instructions to ensure participants enjoy their experience.

There are limitations for bubble footy – use is determined mostly by size, but generally, participants need to be a minimum of 11 years of age.   (Note:  It is possible that some people over this age may be too small for the size or weight of the bubble). 

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions curtailed a lot of activities and we spent the down-time repainting and refurbishing areas of the Centre.  The plans are to have the Puzzle Rooms operating by mid-December in time for the holidays. 

General Enquiries

Yes, walk-ins or casual use is available for most of our facilities.  Some activities require short notice, but a membership is not required for participation in any activity. 

All activities are priced separately, as most people want to regularly use just one activity, but we do offer family, group and activity combination prices.

To date, we have not found it necessary to take deposits or pre-payments for any bookings, and trust that this arrangement can continue through considerate clientele. 

Genuine spectators are welcome, and there is no charge.  We are always happy to show anyone around the facilities we offer.

It is advisable to book for activities if it is for a large group or a function such as a birthday party, but otherwise, bookings are generally not required.  Squash bookings are recommended to ensure the time you desire is available and reserved for you though. 

Just determine what date you want to have the function and give us a call.  We can go through the details of such things as what activity or combination of activities you are considering, timing of the party or function, ages of participants, and so forth.

The charge includes the activity and the necessary activity equipment only, but you can provide the food and drinks that you want.  The time you have the function generally depends on what refreshments you want to provide, and how much you want to spend – eg morning or afternoon snack, sausage sizzle or fast-food lunch.  This arrangement saves you a lot of money as we don’t have to charge GST on catering services, and don’t have to add extra charges for having to install a compliant preparation area and pay annual fees and licenses for these facilities.  (For your convenience, we are happy to provide supplies for out-of-town visitors such as education groups – enquiries welcome.) 

Can’t find your enquiry or concern on this page? Feel free to reach out to us instead

We’re always ready to be of assistance! If you have other questions about our services, call us at 07 4973 7082 or email us at or Want to enquire in person? Visit us at 34 Creek Rd, Tannum Sands QLD 4680.