As well as being a great family bonding activity, mini golf is also useful for improving hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and encouraging concentration and persistence. Scoring can be used as a simple math’s exercise for children.

Our course has 9 holes (sometimes a bonus 10th) and is complete with bridges, ramps and various other novelty obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. The aim of this family friendly game is to putt your ball around the course with the lowest number of attempts. Go around the course as many times as you want within 1 hour, to see if you can improve the next time round. It’s fantastic fun for all ages!

If you’ve never played mini golf, it’s time to pick up a putter and enjoy some laughs with your family, friends or kids. Whether you keep score or not, mini golf is lots of fun for little as well as bigger kids too. You’re never too old or too young for mini golf. If your child is old enough to hit a ball with a putter, they are old enough to play mini golf. Prices range from $5-$10, and includes use of a putter and ball.

Mini Golf can also be incorporated into kids parties, either alone or with another activity.


mini golf group
short mat bowls kit

Short Mat Bowls

Short mat bowls is very similar to indoor carpet bowls in the way the game is played. The main difference is in the size of the playing area, the smaller size of the bowls and jack, and the presence of the block midway down the mat. Lawn bowls are played on an area approx. 9.5-12m long and 6m wide; indoor bowls carpet mats are approx. 9.1m x 1.8m, and short-mat carpet bowls mats are generally 5.5m x 1.2-1.8m. Short mat carpet bowls and jack are also much smaller and lighter than lawn and indoor carpet bowls and jacks.

The presence of the block is to reduce an attempt of players knocking their opponents’ bowls away from the existing position. Players are encouraged to use the natural bias of the bowls to manoeuvre around the block and any other bowls or indeed, promote an existing bowl. The fun and skill in playing short mat bowls comes from the bias of the bowl and the skill of ‘delivering a bowl to a position where it either counts in the score or is used as a defender, blocking a route to change positions.

Tannum Fitness Centre has 2 mats and 4 sets of bowls for short mat bowls, so 4-8 people can play at one time. Short Mat Carpet Bowls is a great family or small group fun activity. Make a booking to try it soon.


(Sensory Motor Activity Reaction Training Wall):

SmartWall is a system to be enjoyed by the young or the not-so-young; by a few friends, by teams, families or other groups – physical and mental fitness, and fun all in one. Interactive technology engages people of all ages and fitness levels with fun and social, yet serious brain-body workouts in a non-intimidating environment, and sparks enthusiasm for exercise. Some of the benefits to be gained are improved cardio, functional fitness, core strength, physical & mental fitness, enjoyment, sustainability and stamina.

The wall panels light up and players jump, squat, hit, kick or throw to hit targets. Sound like fun? It is, even for the seemingly shy or non-athletic participant. It’s amazing to see the transformation kids undergo from standing idly to the side to leading the relay team or outscoring their peers. With the XerPro SmartWall, players are getting cardiovascular and mental fitness, physical training and having fun at the same time! Enjoy Getting Fit!


Bubble Footy

We also offer bubble footy, where participants get inside an oversized inflated “bubble” and play football – or just simply bump around and have fun knocking each over to see how everyone bounces!

This activity is fun with a group of friends, but can be ideal for a little competition also. The minimum number of players is 4 and the maximum number of players on at one time is 8. Bookings are necessary. This activity is also suitable as a party game. (Sorry, the balls are not for hire outside the Centre; they are for in-house use only. There are also restrictions with a minimum and maximum physical size of users.)

Come join the Bubble Footy fun!

(Coming Soon)


Puzzle Rooms are live-action team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles and complete tasks in one or more rooms, in order to realize a specific goal, within the specified time. Players are generally told or given a clue as to the theme of the room before they then start exploring the room to discover puzzles and clues, and figure out how to solve the puzzle in order to move on. Some puzzles have directions and others do not. Teams work together, communicating what they discover. The solution to one puzzle will lead to something else – it may be a code for a lock, a piece of a meta-puzzle, or a red-herring. Don’t fret, there is always help at hand if you get stuck! You have 60 minutes to solve the final puzzle and exit the room.

Our Puzzle Rooms are different from Escape Rooms in that players are NOT locked in a room, and generally will be required to bring certain items from the room to prove a final solution was achieved. Our Puzzle Rooms are also family friendly with less stringent age restrictions. (We will soon also have Puzzle Rooms catering especially for young children.)

Teamwork, communication, delegation skills, critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking may all be required at some time in the Puzzle Room. Surrounded by clues, codes and puzzles, teams must investigate the room and explore its secrets. You will need to communicate with others, make notes, think outside the box, but try not to over-think things.

This is a mind game – not a physical game. If something is firmly attached to a wall, it should stay there; if something is easily moved or opened, you are welcome to examine, explore or investigate it. Puzzle Rooms can be a fun filled activity with family and/or friends, or a team building exercise for groups or corporations. Bookings will be required.