Mini Golf In Tannum Sands


As well as being a great family bonding activity, mini golf is also useful for improving hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and encouraging concentration and persistence. Scoring can be used as a simple math’s exercise for children.

9 Hole MiniGolf Course

Our course has 9 holes (sometimes a bonus 10th) and is complete with bridges, ramps and various other novelty obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. The aim of this family friendly game is to putt your ball around the course with the lowest number of attempts. Go around the course as many times as you want within 1 hour, to see if you can improve the next time round. It’s fantastic fun for all ages!

If you’ve never played mini golf, it’s time to pick up a putter and enjoy some laughs with your family, friends or kids. Whether you keep score or not, mini golf is lots of fun for little as well as bigger kids too. You’re never too old or too young for mini golf. If your child is old enough to hit a ball with a putter, they are old enough to play mini golf. Prices range from $5-$10, and includes use of a putter and ball.

Mini Golf can also be incorporated into kids parties, either alone or with another activity.

mini golf group