Puzzle Room Activites

Puzzle Room in Tannum

Puzzle Rooms are live-action team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles and complete tasks in one or more rooms, in order to realize a specific goal, within the specified time. Players are generally told or given a clue as to the theme of the room before they then start exploring the room to discover puzzles and clues, and figure out how to solve the puzzle in order to move on. Some puzzles have directions and others do not. Teams work together, communicating what they discover. The solution to one puzzle will lead to something else – it may be a code for a lock, a piece of a meta-puzzle, or a red-herring. Don’t fret, there is always help at hand if you get stuck! You have 60 minutes to solve the final puzzle and exit the room.

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Our Puzzle Rooms are different from Escape Rooms in that players are NOT locked in a room, and generally will be required to bring certain items from the room to prove a final solution was achieved. Our Puzzle Rooms are also family friendly with less stringent age restrictions. (We will soon also have Puzzle Rooms catering especially for young children.)

Teamwork, communication, delegation skills, critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking may all be required at some time in the Puzzle Room. Surrounded by clues, codes and puzzles, teams must investigate the room and explore its secrets. You will need to communicate with others, make notes, think outside the box, but try not to over-think things.

This is a mind game – not a physical game. If something is firmly attached to a wall, it should stay there; if something is easily moved or opened, you are welcome to examine, explore or investigate it. Puzzle Rooms can be a fun filled activity with family and/or friends, or a team building exercise for groups or corporations. Bookings will be required.