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Indoor Rock Climbing is one of the best total body workouts available – it is both a mind and body workout. It is a unique sport in that males and females are equally capable. A common misconception is that climbing requires an already strong upper body. This idea often discourages females from participating, but an effective rock climber is one who understands that much of climbing is related to technique, balance and leg strength, and sometimes, willpower.

Having originally started as a recreational activity enjoyed on the weekends, indoor rock climbing is now regarded as an elite sport. Statistically, rock climbing is one of the safest sports around when compared to traditional sports such as football and hockey.

Indoor Rock climbing walls pushes participants and makes them want to achieve more, and that’s a skill that’s useful not only on the climbing wall, but in every aspect of life!

Through the activity of Indoor Climbing and Abseiling, Tannum Fitness Centre endeavours to cater to varied interests, abilities and needs, and to provide the opportunity for participants to acquire and develop knowledge, movement skills and positive attitudes and behaviours that contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle. Centre staff can give basic instruction OR can assist an organization’s staff in conducting the sessions. Sessions can be run over a single or several stages, depending on what the desired learning outcome is. Tannum Fitness rock climbing wall caters to people of all abilities, from beginners to advanced climbers. It features 10 stations, each of which feature 3–5 different coloured routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Climbing harnesses and shoes are available or climbers may use their equipment.

Rock Climbing Tannum Sands

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Besides being a whole lot of fun, rock climbing has many physical, mental and social benefits for participants, some of which include:

  • Increase strength, endurance and flexibility;
  • Teaches hand, feet and eye coordination;
  • Learn and develop tactical skills;
  • Build confidence, self-esteem and trust;
  • Develop communication and listening skills;
  • Increase problem solving, planning and decision making abilities;
  • Learn the importance of safety guidelines and practices for all forms of physical activity;
  • Develop respect for self and others by learning and practice of co-operation and fair play;
  • Aid in stress relief and overcome fears;
  • The opportunity for regular and safe participation in physical activity, as an individual or in a group;
  • May develop leadership skills through learning and practicing many of the above skills and abilities.

The rock climbing wall is also available for group hire, birthday parties, team bonding/building, breakups and school groups. Schools and organizations are invited to request for a copy of our activity pro forma, risk management statement or disclaimers to be emailed to them.

Normal rock climbing times are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-5. Bookings are essential for sessions outside of these days and times. During school holidays, the climbing wall is open every day (9-5 weekdays).

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Tannum Sands Climbing Wall

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