Indoor Bowls

Short mat bowls is very similar to indoor carpet bowls in the way the game is played. The main difference is in the size of the playing area, the smaller size of the bowls and jack, and the presence of the block midway down the mat. Lawn bowls are played on an area approx. 9.5-12m long and 6m wide; indoor bowls carpet mats are approx. 9.1m x 1.8m, and short-mat carpet bowls mats are generally 5.5m x 1.2-1.8m. Short mat carpet bowls and jack are also much smaller and lighter than lawn and indoor carpet bowls and jacks.

The presence of the block is to reduce an attempt of players knocking their opponents’ bowls away from the existing position. Players are encouraged to use the natural bias of the bowls to manoeuvre around the block and any other bowls or indeed, promote an existing bowl. The fun and skill in playing short mat bowls comes from the bias of the bowl and the skill of ‘delivering a bowl to a position where it either counts in the score or is used as a defender, blocking a route to change positions.

Tannum Fitness Centre has 2 mats and 4 sets of bowls for short mat bowls, so 4-8 people can play at one time. Short Mat Carpet Bowls is a great family or small group fun activity. Make a booking to try it soon.

short mat bowls kit