Smart Wall Training Tannum Sands

Smart Wall

Smart Wall is a system to be enjoyed by the young or the not-so-young; by a few friends, by teams, families or other groups – physical and mental fitness, and fun all in one. Interactive technology engages people of all ages and fitness levels with fun and social, yet serious brain-body workouts in a non-intimidating environment, and sparks enthusiasm for exercise. Some of the benefits to be gained are improved cardio, functional fitness, core strength, physical & mental fitness, enjoyment, sustainability and stamina.

Sensory Motor Activity Reaction Training Wall

The wall panels light up and players jump, squat, hit, kick or throw to hit targets. Sound like fun? It is, even for the seemingly shy or non-athletic participant. It’s amazing to see the transformation kids undergo from standing idly to the side to leading the relay team or outscoring their peers. With the XerPro SmartWall, players are getting cardiovascular and mental fitness, physical training and having fun at the same time! Enjoy Getting Fit!

Sensory Motor Activity Reaction Training Wall